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                                                      TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Thank you for visiting wwww.posters212.com, an electronic poster application provided by 212 Communications LLC. and its partners.  Posters212 website and application (s) are owned and operated by 212 Communications LLC., and its authorized partners. The terms described in this document shall govern the terms of use Posters212 website and all applications hosted on it (each a "Service," collectively the "Services"). 
By using our Services, you (“User” or “Users” are persons that use the Services) must fully accept and comply with these terms.  Should you disagree of any parts of these terms, you must not use our Services.  Our Services are offered to you based on the condition of your full acceptance of, and your full agreement to all the terms, conditions, notices, and privacy policy without modifications. 
212 Communications LLC., and its partners reserve the right to suspend, deny or terminate access to our Services by Users who violate the terms of this agreement.
212 Communications LLC. and its partners reserve the rights to save, backup, delete, or restrict access and permissions to all User content (including posters, embedded text, formatting, images, links, profile information, rating, and other information (“Material”)) stored using our Service.


212 Communications LLC., reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions, notices, and privacy policy under which the Posters212 applications are offered.  Modifications and changes to the Posters212 and any applications hosted on it, are strictly prohibited without written and explicit authorization form 212 Communications LLC.


Unless stated explicitly otherwise, our Services are licensed solely to 212 Communications LLC., and 212 Communications LLC., owns the intellectual property of the poster application and rights to the website.  
All intellectual property (associated with the website and the poster application) rights are reserved and are subject to the following license terms:
You may view, download, and print pages, posters, and other information from Posters212 website for your own personal use.  Handling of the content retrieved from the Posters212 website (including all types of Material) is subject to the following:
-	You must not publish content or verbiage which infringes or violates the property rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights laws, trademark laws, or other rights of any third party 
-	You must not republish the material without explicit authorization
-	When authorized, you must republish material including citations and credits to the original author 
-	You must not sell, rent, or sub-license the material and content
-	You must not redistribute the material and content in exchange of monetary or other value without written consent from 212 Communications LLC., and/or the author (s) of the poster (s) published on Posters212 web site
-	You must not include content which is illegal, violates our policies, any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation
-	You must not include content or information which is harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or otherwise offensive
-	You must not include content which contains content harmful to our computers and other systems and applications including viruses, files, programs, applications, links, scripts, or instructions 
-	You must not advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services using our Services
-	You must not conduct or forward surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters using our Services

Our Services display some content created by users, authors, speakers and presenters who are not part of 212 Communications LLC.  We will review the content to ensure it comply with this agreement, our policies and any law.  The User is the sole responsible for the content publish on the poster application for viewing by users on the internet.  By publishing a poster using our Services and accepting this agreement, you agree and your provide your permission that the Material shall be accessed, viewed, and downloaded by users on the Internet, and that 212 Communications LLC., and its partners are not responsible of any further redistribution or use of the information published through our Services.


Posters212 and posters published by their respective Users may contain links to external websites or Internet sites (“External Sites”).  212 Communications LLC. does not control nor is responsible for the content or information from any of the External Sites including without limitation any contained additional links on or to External Sites, any changes on the Linked Sites, or any information on the External Sites.  212 Communications LLC. through the webpages, and the Users through their respective published posters, are providing these links to you as a convenience, and do not imply any endorsement by 212 Communications LLC. or its partners.


User Indemnification.  The User will indemnify, defend, and hold 212 Communications LLC. harmless from and against all third-party claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses which are paid or payable to such third parties resulting from claims of infringement of intellectual properties, patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or proprietary rights, laws, regulations, or compliances.


The information, content, application, codes, products, and contact information included in our Services may include inaccuracies or errors.  212 Communications LLC. and its partners may make periodical changes and improvements.  212 Communications LLC. is not responsible for any Material changes resulting from changes and improvements to our Services.  
Information included in our Services including our web site and the content published on it should not be relied upon for personal, medical, legal, or financial decision or advice, and you should consult a professional for specific advice.
212 Communications LLC. and its partners make no representations about the content published using our Services, reliability, availability, timeliness, or accuracy of the information.
212 Communications LLC. and its partners reserve the rights to suspend Services for maintenance, updates, changes, improvements, and security reasons as deemed necessary.  212 Communications LLC. and its partners are not responsible for any content changes or loss resulting from the Services suspension.


Copyright © 2019 212 Communications LLC.  All rights reserved. 
The names of actual companies, organizations mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners


Pursuant to Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c)(2), notifications of claimed copyright infringement under United States copyright law should be sent to Service Provider's Designated Agent. ALL INQUIRIES NOT RELEVANT TO THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE WILL RECEIVE NO RESPONSE. See Notice and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement


Your privacy is important to us. As such, 212 Communications LLC. and its partners provide this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used by this electronic poster application and among 212 Communications LLC. and its partners' network, which includes any online or mobile websites, applications or digital services owned, operated or offered by, on behalf of, or in conjunction with 212 Communications LLC. and its partners, including all of our Services used by the Users.  Our Services use Strong SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption.

We receive both information that is directly provided to us, and information you provide when using our Services.  

Information You Provide To Us:
Your Posters212 account uses the email address you have supplied and a password you have specified.  Your profile contains two mandatory fields for a first name and email address respectively.  You can also optionally (non mandatory) provide a last name and an image to represent your profile.  Our Services only display the first name in the profile, and you can optionally through your profile configuration make your email address and image viewable or private (non viewable).
Our Services collect and store information you provide to us as follows:
-	Email address associated with the account
-	Password (encrypted)
-	First Name and Last Name
-	Profile Image
-	Content in your poster (s) including text, text formatting, color formatting, images, External Links, citations, names of additional authors named in your posters, names of organizations named in your poster (s), and any other information you embed inside your poster (s)

Information That Is Passively or Automatically Collected:
212 Communications LLC. and its partners automatically collect and store the following information about you:
-	Last date and time you accessed our Services
-	Last date and time you updated your poster (s)
-	Your acceptance of this agreement
-	Your verification of the account
-	Number of views of your poster (s)
-	Rating of your poster (s)